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Huston Haines Pediatric Resuscitation Guide with Tape

The Huston-Haines Pediatric Resuscitation Guide was created by two paramedics in the Green Bay, WI area, Rick Huston and Mike Haines, to reduce the stress that is associated in a pre hospital or inpatient pediatric crisis or cardiac arrest. It’s an easy to use; easy to read resource that takes the guesswork out of equipment, vital signs, and drug calculations. Helpful information includes energy settings, catheter sizes, recommended fluid bolus calculations, airway management information, and drug calculations. It has been in use in the Green Bay Metropolitan area, in Ambulances and Hospitals, for the past several years.





Guide Size :


page_example-500x500The Huston-Haines includes defibrillation paddles/pad size recommendations. This guide also includes intraosseous needle size recommendations and endotracheal intubation tube sizes for each weight. Every page is laid out identical to the next. So, once you get the hang of it, you will know where the information is on every emergency, regardless of weight and can be personalized easily to specific services and their protocols. This resource can be personalized to the specific drugs, concentrations, and protocols of an individual EMS system. Service logos can be incorporated easily.

Updated to the 2010 AHA Pediatric Advanced Life Support guidelines



WHY Huston-Haines NOT Other Products
Huston-Haines is “clip-board” sized, 8.5″ X 11″ – information is easy to find due to the increased font size Current resources on the market are smaller and difficult to read in many prehospital circumstances
The Huston-Haines does not have to be “flipped” back and forth during a pediatric crisis Some of the current resources require turning them back and forth to gain different pieces of information
The Huston-Haines includes vital signs at the 50th percentile Many of the resources do not include vital signs at all.
The Huston Haines lists ALL drugs in both mg and ml with special emphasis on the ml Some of the current resources list only a few of the “first line” drugs in both mg and ml
This Resource is for Pediatric Emergency situations only. You have everything you need, but no more, so there’s no hunting around for critical information that you need RIGHT NOW! Some guides try to be Multi Purpose in nature. They give you plenty of information, but you have to search for it.

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