Huston-Haines Pediatric Resuscitation Guide Available Now!

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The Huston-Haines Pediatric Resuscitation Guide was created by two paramedics in Green Bay, Wisconsin in an effort to reduce the stress that is associated in a pre hospital or inpatient pediatric cardiac arrest. An easy to use, easy to read resource that takes the guess work out of equipment, vital signs, and drug calculations. Helpful information includes energy settings, catheter sizes, recommended fluid bolus calculations, airway management information, and drug calculations. It has been in use in the Green Bay Metropolitan area, in Ambulances and Hospitals, for the past several years.

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What Our Customers Say

We used this guide in our PALS class and I loved it! It was much easier to use than the Broslow tape. Some of the nurses had tried to get this added to our crash carts and our E.R. director declined stating "my nurses know how to calculate drug dosages". I have been a critical care and E.R. nurse for 18 years and I am not good at math under pressure. No one should be calculating complex weight based drug dosages under pressure, it is the perfect storm for a drug error to occur. So, I am buying my own and will be leaving it our resuscitation room. We'll just say the drug fairy left it there. Thanks for creating a great tool! -Nancy, R.N.